Monday, 21 March 2011


I was set to do my run Friday night after work, but I didn't.  I want to write down a list of valid excuses as to why this is but the reality is that I couldn't be bothered.  I convinced myself and everyone else I would just do it Saturday instead.

Saturday came and went and I still hadn't completed Week 1, run 2.

Luckily enough, I actually made the effort to get up Sunday morning and go out with the dog to complete the 28.5 min work out, in our local park.  I feel pretty lousy about it today.  I STILL haven't completed week 1 yet and now I am either going to have to go out tonight or tomorrow night and then 3 more times this week to get back up to date with the programme.  I just wish I could be the sort of person who puts their mind to something and sticks to it.

I am also having a 'fat' day.  My work trousers feel tight, I look at myself in the mirror and see a whale starring back at me and the worst part is all I can think about is what is for dinner!  I am sitting here now feeling grotesque and hoping this feeling will push me into going out for another run tonight (especially as my colleague is off to run 20 miles tonight!). 

I saw my brother at the weekend- the same brother who told me about the application I found out that he is already on week 4.  He laughed when he found out I was still on week 1, having just completed run 2 that morning.

As you can probably tell by the tone of this email I am feeling totally fed up today.  I even abused a friend on Facebook for no good reason, other than his status update pissed me off!

Let's hope I get the kick up the bum I so clearly need, get out tonight and feel better tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Week 1, Run 1 completed (again)

Tuesday Night

I got home from work and quickly got changed into my running attire and set off; if I didn't do it straight away then I wouldn't do it at all.

As I had already attempted the run previously, I had an idea on the distance I would cover during the programme.  A useful website I would recommened is:

After I completed my first run I got home and mapped my run to work out exactly how far I went and then I worked out a route of the same distance for next time.  One of the major benefits of the C25K Iphone Application is the voice prompt informs you when you are half way through the programme, so that you can turn around and head back.  My one complaint about the app would be that it doesnt record how far you travelled during your run.  I think I'd be interested to find out after each run:
  • Distanced Travelled
  • Calories Burnt
I have been informed of another application called Nike + GPS which maps your runs, tracks your progress and tells you calories burnt etc.  I am toying with the idea of getting the app as I can use it for other situations than training, like when I walk the dog, or walk to work etc...

Sod it.  I've just talked myself into getting it and I am now £1.19 lighter.  I am now just praying the app works alongside C25K and my music.

Anyway, going back to my original point, I found that for week 1, run 1 (both times) I covered 2.19 miles.  I'll be interested to see how this changes over the course of the 9 week programme.  When I got home I made the effort to really stretch out my leg muscles so that I didn't have to spend the next 2 days walking like John Wayne!


Woke up feeling... fine! Wow, maybe I'm not allergic to exercise after all!  In fact, feeling quite smug by the end of the day as I'm not even experiencing muscle ache.

Thursday- Recommended night for Week 1, Run 2

Ahh, there's the leg ache I was waiting for.  Sneaky aching muscles decided to wait until they had lured me into a false sense of security before they started hurting!

So today is the day I am supposed to do week 1, run 2 but I am going to the pub instead.  Before you roll your eyes or start to judge me, this is something planned from aaaages ago and I am determined not to drink alcohol.  So the 2nd run is rescheduled for Friday night after work (rock 'n' roll!). 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Week 1, Run 1 (take 2)

I am biting the bullet and going to start the programme again tonight.  I ought to have done it last night, but made up enough excuses to get out of it!

Yesterday was my final day on the anti-biotics after catching 3 throat diseases and losing my voice completely, so it seems practical to start today.  I am literally starting again from the beginning because so far I only managed the first run of the first week and then got sick.  If after tonight's run I get sick again I am going to take it as a sign and hang up my running shoes (recently bought- only used once) and formally retire.

So, I have spent the last 5 minutes updating my Facebook status, Twitter account and now my blog to ensure that I have to follow through with this decision.  Once I get going, I know I will be fine but at the moment the thought of going out in the cold, dark streets makes me want to hide under my duvet until morning.

Wish me luck (again)!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

**Medical UPDATE**

I promise I have not got lazy on blogging or running.  I previously blogged about feeling ill and so putting the run on hold until I felt 100% better.  Well... I completely lost my voice over the weekend- completely.  I could not say a word and my family absolutely loved every minute of it, as did my friends!  When things hadn't improved on Sunday, I thought it wise to book an emergency Dr's appointment on Monday to check there wasn't something seriously wrong.  Finally got an appointment yesterday at 6:30pm (so much for an emergency appointment!), and the Dr confirmed I have got a nice mixture of all the itis's: Laryngitis, Pharyngitis and Tonsillitis.  I have been signed off from work for the week and advised against talking, running and anything too strenuous.

SO... this is me sending an update to confirm that I am still on for the programme and will be picking it up next week when I am off my course of Amoxicillin.

Until then, I shall be settling back into my CP old ways- just as way of recovery of course... ;)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Already put on hold due to being ill- GENUINELY!

Ok, so after my earlier confession of being a huge procrastinator, this entry may sound weak.  BUT, in my defence I have genuinely been very ill.  Last night was Weds 2nd March, when I was due to do my 2nd run.  However, I have been feeling very rough and sadly, not miles better today.  Apparently, it will be good to 'sweat the cold out of my system' and go running, but all I can think about is how cloudy my head feels.

So, I need to make a decision:
  • Do I now postpone the whole programme to next week and start again?
  • Do I try to do runs 2 and 3 of week 1 on Saturday and Sunday (as I am out partying Fri night!)?
  • Or do I take this illness as a sign I am officially allergic to exercise and quit now?
At the moment I feel I should attempt to do runs 2 and 3 on Saturday and Sunday, in order to keep in line with the programme, but I am concerned that I will be nursing severe hang-overs on both days.

Turns out this programme is not as straight forward as I hoped it would be!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Monday 28th Feb- Day 1, Week 1

I did it.

Am I feeling better for it? Truth be told; no, I am not.  However, this is down to the fact that I have picked up a nasty cold, complete with sore throat, headache and roaring temperature (so not the programme's fault!).  I actually felt very positive last night whilst I was out pounding the streets of Upminster.

Travelling home from work on the train I was filled with dread at the thought of the exercise.  Every part of my body wanted me to make up an excuse to crawl under my comfy duvet and reach for the remote.  However, I got in, I got changed and I set off; much to the amusement of my family.  Just to clarify, they were not mocking in a nasty way, they are pleased I am giving this programme a go and I cant blame them for being dubious.  The cupboard at home filled with unwatched keep fit DVDs, unused exercise equipment and unworn sports clothes would support their scepticism. 

Still, I put on my running clothes, set up my iPhone and set off.  28.5 minutes of exercise broken down as such:
*5 minute warm up
*8 x 1 minute runs with 1.5 minute walks in between
*5 minute cool-down

The application was fantastic and made the whole experience very easy.  There are voice prompts letting you know when to run, when to walk and even when you're half way through the programme.  Unexpectedly, the 1 minute running times went by very quickly and I found I could have probably run for slightly longer each time. 

I am adamant I am going to stick with the programme and my next expected run is to be Weds 2nd March - depending on how much better I am feeling!

Monday, 28 February 2011

In the beginning...

I am a couch potato.

There is no getting away from this fact.  I love the couch (or my bed- I'm not fussy).  I love the TV.  And worst of all, I LOVE trashy TV programmes which keep me glued to the couch (or bed).  This is why, while the rest of my family go for runs at the weekend, I cherish the couple of hours of freedom where I can simply watch all the terrible sitcoms I enjoy which would normally prompt rolling of the eyes.  Thing is, I consider myself to be the winner.  For me, running is boring, hard, monotonous and embarrassing... at least the way I run is anyway.  So what's the reason for this blog?

One Friday night spent indulging in my other passion- drinking - one of my friends told me they had signed up to do the 5K Race for Life in Hyde Park in July.  Having recently given blood for the first time and still enjoying the feeling of having done something good, I thought I might sign up too.  The following day, I checked out the details on the Race for Life website and signed myself and my sister-in-law up.  My head was filled with thoughts of fund raising, planning fancy dress to run in and ensuring family and friends saved the date in order to come and offer support to make a day of it.  It wasn't until later I remembered the 'run' part.  Not a natural runner, despite my reasonably long legs, images of me coming last place in cross country with the school came flooding back.  Shit.  Another thought which kept popping into my mind was that my sister-in-law runs 5K most Saturdays.  Shit.  I had assumed we would walk the whole event- 3 miles is definitely do-able- even for me.  But when I spoke with the others involved, it became clear I had only 2 options: start training, or walk alone.

"I can do it" I kept telling myself over and over again as Ben accompanied me on a 1 mile jog around the block to assess my level of fitness.  Apparently, I couldn't.  In my defence, I wasn't as bad as I had expected, but my drive to stop, walk and give up was much greater than any drive within me to keep going and push myself.

That was a few weeks ago and I have not ventured outside of the house wearing trainers again. 

Putting the run to the back of my mind, I took up my old CP ways and waved the others off as they continued with their regular Saturday runs.  Tom doing 16 miles, Ben on 11, Stacey on 5 and me on a big fat 0.  This Saturday my eldest brother came to dinner and told me about an iPhone application which he just downloaded in a bid to get fitter (he is more like me with exercise), called Couch to 5K.  I listened to him explaining how the app works and it struck me that this was something maybe I could use/do.

The app cost 59p (hardly bank breaking) and is a 9 week guide which will have you running the full 5K (about 30 mins worth) by the end of the programme.  There are helpful voice prompts which tell you when to run/walk/warm down etc... The idea is to go out for 30 mins 3 times a week over 9 weeks.  The first time I go out will be a combination of walking and running, so walk for 1 minute, run for 1 minute, walk for 1.5 mins and so on.  Eventually the time running will increase in line with the walking time decreasing.  The programme is by no means set in stone and you are encouraged to keep a pace you feel comfortable with the whole time.  Equally, you can repeat weeks as you feel necessary before moving on.

So today is officially Day 1.  I am already looking out of the window at the grey clouds and the rain thinking, "maybe I'll start tomorrow...".  It's this kind of attitude that will hold me back from ever starting, so when I get home from work I will be going out whether it is raining, thundering or snowing. 

Wish me luck...